EIFA opened in January 2013 for Primary section and added in September 2015 an offer for Secondary section (Year 7 to Year 10). They are currently in the phase to validate their IB programme offer and plan to celebrate their first students to graduate for IB diploma in 2019. Located in Portland Place, very near BBC Headquarter, the school proposes an international bilingual education based on both French and English Curriculum for the Primary Section. Good individual support is provided to the students who needs it thanks to small group classes.

EIFA photo 2

Who should apply?

Better for bilingual children, even if the school provides additional learning support for those who don’t speak French or English. Small classes allow the children to improve a lot, and there is a strong parent community. Due to its location, the school doesn’t have any outside space for the kids to relax, and this should be taken into account if you have a kid needing space to run around. Each student in Primary school has his own Ipad, each student for Secondary school uses his own MacBook.

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