School Search Service

State Schools, Independent Schools, IB programme or bilingual education, you can rely on our experience for your school search in London. We select the schools matching your children needs and profile. We apply for places on your behalf and follow the admission process to registration.

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Our difference

IB programme or bilingual schools, we have listed and visited the best schools in London. We help you select the most suitable schools for your kid, depending on his/her needs and skills and his/her current curriculum. Contact us for a free first Skype meeting: we offer you an insight on London various educational offer and help you understand the different options you have for your school search in London.

Your school search in London is a 4-step process.

  • Defining your school search scope
    During a Skype meeting, we define your children needs, your expectations (continued curriculum, IB program, national or bilingual education…) and confront them with your constraints (budget, commute). Based on all criteria, we define the scope of your school search.
  • Selecting the best school
    We search for and select matching schools. We visit them on your behalf if applicable and recommend a short list
  • Schools application
    We apply on your behalf to short-listed schools (in-year application or next school year application) and follow up different applications to be sure you have several options to make your final decision.
  • School admission
    For Independant schools, we schedule your private school tour and organize the assessment sessions (if necessary). For public schools, we follow up the application to admission.