London schools Guide

London educational offer is rich, profuse, international and sometimes very costly. You can choose either from a local (and free of charge) State school or Grammar school, or select a selective and expensive British Independant school, a bilingual foreign school (French, German, Spanish, Italian, American) or an International school (IB programme). All this depends on your budget, the lenght of your stay in London, the maximum commute time you are ready to accept and your children personality and preferences.
Our London schools Guide describes a non exhaustive list of main bilingual and international schools in London. We can help and advise you on suitable schooling options for your children, and guide you to select the most suitable schools and apply on your behalf.
On the opposite, we can also guide you to first select suitable areas for your family (in terms of commute, life style, environment) depending on the type of school or school you have already selected for your children.


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