Best relocation agency in London…

… for quality of service and client recommendation, Welcome Home London offers tailor-made services for your relocation to London. We help private or corporate clients to find their perfect home, office or shop in London. Our exclusive video previewings service and our dedicated app make us the best relocation agency in London for customer relation.

Stephanie Baroin founder of Welcome Home London
«When I arrived to London, I met so many expatriates frustrated by their relocation. They had been wasting time visiting uninteresting properties that their relocation agency hadn’t viewed before. London housing market is difficult. For this reason, people are often advised to accept the first decent property they find, fearing not being able to find  better. Relocating to London deserves better than a default choice. I wanted to offer a real added value to relocation services. We are the only agency in London to pre-view the properties before selecting them, saving time and frustration for our clients. They access video of each visit via our dedicated app and select their preferred options. Thanks to this unique service, more and more clients chose their property without traveling to London. And 100% of our clients recommend Welcome Home London
Stéphanie Baroin, Founder of Welcome Home London

Louisa is a Canadian who has lived in London for over 20 years. She brings a lot of practical business experience, having worked in capital markets groups in London for banks such as Societe Generale and Citigroup,  and also as a real estate broker in Toronto. She is an experienced negotiator, who is focused on getting the best value for money for her clients. Louisa can offer a knowledgeable perspective on most areas of London, from neighbourhood amenities to the bar and restaurant scene.

The story

Stephanie Baroin has always been passionate about property market. She spent more than 20 years working for big companies, dedicated to improve customer satisfaction and enhance customer experience. Then she relocated to London in 2014. She created Welcome Home London to combine her passion for house hunting and her expertise in customer satisfaction. Totally dedicated to client satisfaction, she relies on her strong skills for negotiation and her wide network of qualified partners to deliver premium services.

Vision statement

To be the best relocation agency in London for client recommendations. Provide high quality services to our clients.  Secure their complete satisfaction with honesty, integrity and empathy.

Values statement

Listening, understanding, commitment are our guidelines. We know that relocation is not just about houses, schools and paperwork, but it is all about people and their new home and life.