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Welcome Home London helps private or corporate clients to find the perfect property when they relocate to London. We select appropriate boroughs and search for home, schools, shops, offices. We pre-view all the selected options and negotiate for you.

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We coordinate and manage your entire relocation process, from search to inventory check in. School search, settling in services, utilities, you can rely on us for a smooth move-in.
We have access to 100% of properties (including the one that never come onto the open market), we search, preview, short list and negotiate on your behalf.
Area selection, pop up opportunities or long term lease, negotiation and paperwork… with our selected partners, we provide you with the best expertise for your business launch.

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Our additional relocation services

State Schools or Independent Schools, we search, select and apply for you to the schools matching your child profile. We follow up till registration.
English classes, British culture, job search, discover our spouse support custom-tailored package to ensure a successful family relocation.
Need help to identify the best area to live with your family ? Sign in for our Orientation Trip to discover up to 3 different areas ticking your boxes in just one day.
Start your life in London quietly: skip the mandatory paperwork, enjoy Internet from the first day in your new home, leave it to us. Our settling in package makes your life easier.

Relocation to London : Clients Testimonials

Property Search - Renting
  • 1/2 month of rent+ 20% of the price drop negotiated
  • Minimum fees : £1,800
School or Nursery Search
  • £1,000 for the first child,
  • £500/child for additional children
Property Search - Buying
  • From £8,000 + 15% of the price drop negotiated if it exceeds the flat fee.
Settling In OR Leave London
  • £500
  • Check In/Out & Utilities Package