Opened in September 2010 with same ethos than its sister school La Petite Ecole Bilingue in Paris, founded in 1995 by Anne Henderson-Stewart, La Petite Ecole Bilingue Oxford Gardens is part of a long established language specialist schools group with 40 years of experience in the field of bilingual education. Hosted in a Victorian house in the heart of Notting Hill, the schools welcomes boys and girls from 2 to 11.

The aim of the school is to educate truly bilingual children in a supportive but challenging environment. 40% of the children are French, 40% are binational and the rest have another First language.

Due to small class sizes, the school provides a nurturing atmosphere and after 3 years, all the children speak fluently both English and French.

La Petite Ecole Bilingue is one of the very few schools to offer both the English and the French curriculum to all the students. The children are given solid academic foundations in both systems, with a large focus on reading and writing. Boost Eleven+ is provided in Year 6 for those students who want to apply for UK selective secondary schools. Debate and Reasonning classes, as well as Latin classes are provided to all students.

Year 6 leavers can apply to French, as well as English or IB schools. The level of education achieved at the end of Year 6 is higher than expected and allow a seamless and confident transfer to any  of the secondary school of their choice.  Ballet and music classes, as well as Latin classes are available for all the year groups.

la petite ecole bilingue oxford gardens

Who should apply?

Whether your child speaks already two or more languages or your dream is to give him/her the chance to start life being educated in a multi cultural and bilingual environment, La Petite Ecole Bilingue Oxford Gardens offers the best of both French and UK curriculum and educational system.

Due to its small size and the diversity of the children who attend the school, the atmosphere is nurturing and the children flourish academically and personally, growing in confidence and emotional intelligence. Fees are very reasonnable compared to small class sizes. School dinner are cooked on site and the school was awarded for the quality of its healty food

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