Ecole Jeannine Manuel opened in September 2015 to pupils aged between 3 and 12 years old (Year 8). Opening of upper classes (to Year 13) will happen progressively with current students moving up. In September 2019, the school will welcome pupils up to Year 11 (Seconde). The specific pedagogic approach of the school is based on the idea that creativity, appetite for learning and curiosity are natural for children and should be used as a basis to develop a rich and various Curriculum. All areas of learning are aimed to develop not only a base of solid skills but also a capacity for independent critical thinking and improved self-confidence. Ecole Jeannine Manuel follows French Curriculum with the exception of the English, Science and Chinese programs developed by and for the school.


Who should apply?

For parents deeply invested in the education of their children, looking for elitism and international exposition. Both students and parents have to go through an interview to apply. The enriched, bilingual, bi-cultural curriculum and the high expectations towards the student achievements makes it a better option for gifted students with strong academic skills and important family support.

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