tips to know London renting quide

How to calculate your monthly rent?

In London, you negotiate a weekly rent but you will pay on a monthly basis. Among the tips to know : to calculate your monthly rent, you multiply your weekly rent by 52 and divide it by 12.

Carpets or wooden floors?

Most of properties in London are equipped with carpets throughout, warm and cosy enough but definitively arduous to maintain.

If you need absolutely to avoid carpets, don’t forget to mention it during the individual needs assessment.

Size matters…

Property floorplan measurement is not submitted to any legal constraint in UK. Floorplans are provided by Landlord or estate agencies as additional information, and the real size of the rooms could often be different than the one reported on the floorplan. Among the tips to know : check the number of bedrooms, knowing that a single bedroom will bearly be 7sqm…

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Kitchen appliances

Furnished or unfurnished, a property to rent in London will always include a full equipped kitchen. For a family flat or house (3 beds+), you will often get a combined fridge/freezer, 1-2 ovens, cooker, washing mahine and dryer …


Ending the tenancy

Depending on the contract you have signed, do respect scrupulously the termination procedure. For a 1 month notice, you should send a registered mail to the Landlord and make sure he will get it before the anniversary date of the contract. If your tenancy agreement started on 4th of the month, and you want to leave after the 4th of February, the Landlord should receive the registered mail before the 4th of January.