The earlier you can sort out your banking the better, for two reasons: first, opening a British bank account can take longer than expected and require more paperwork than imagined. Second, you are going to need your Bank details for all the settling-in paperwork.

The main banks in London include NatWest, Lloyds TSB, Barclays and HSBC.
Generally, the bank will ask you to provide different documents including:

  • Proof of identity (passport or driving licence)
  • Full proof of address – utility bill OR a signed Tenancy Agreement
  • A letter of reference from your home country bank
  • A letter from Employer confirming you work in the UK

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Council Tax

The Council Tax is a local tax set by councils to help pay for local services – education, police, roads, waste disposal, libraries and community services. Each council fixes its own rate. The amount will also depend on the valuation of the property. The full council tax assumes that two adults are living permanently in the house. If only one adult lives in the house, the council tax bill is reduced by 25%. Please note that in some case, Council Tax is included in the rent. If not, you have to register directly on line, it is the first settling-in paperwork you might have to do.

Registration to Council Tax is included in our Settling-In Package and cancelation is part of our Leave London Package

Home contents insurance

It is not mandatory in UK, but we strongly advise you to get a home contents insurance. The cost of this will depend largely on where you live, all insurance companies assess the risk by location based on your postcode and house size/value. When obtaining Home Contents Insurance, beware of small print in policies, particularly those regarding security, which insurers often use to avoid paying claims. You will forfeit all rights under your policy if you leave doors or windows open (or the key under a mat or flowerpot!).

Welcome Home London can introduce you to its specialized Broker partner to get you the best available offer.

TV license

If you use or install a TV in your home, you are required by law to have a valid TV licence. The type of licence you will need and how to go about getting one will depend on your individual circumstances.

Registration to TV License is included in our Settling-In Package and cancelation is part of our Leave London Package.

Driving Licence

For nationals of the EEA who hold a valid licence issued in any EEA country, you don’t need to exchange it for a UK one. You may drive here until the licence expires or until you reach the age at which British renewal becomes necessary (70 years currently). If you are coming from country outside the EEA, you can drive for up to 12 months on your full valid licence from your home country. Within these 12 months you need to get a provisional UK licence and take a driving test. Insurance is compulsory and drivers are advised to take comprehensive rather than third party insurance.

Resident Permit

If you don’t benefit from a private garage or private parking bay in front of your home, you will have to apply on line for a Resident permit. You will pay for a period of 3, 6 or 12 months and be allowed to park in front of your door or in the neighbouring streets.

Application for Resident Permit with your local Borough is included in our Settling-In Package and cancelation is part of our Leave London Package.

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