Service Overview

State Schools or Independent Schools, international or bilingual education, we search, visit and select for you among London multiple educational offers and find the school matching your children needs and character. We apply for places on your behalf and follow the admission process till registration.

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Why Choose Us?

International schools, local Independent Schools or State Schools, bilingual native schools, we have listed several offers you can choose from when relocating to London with your family. We can help you to find the most suitable school for your kids, depending on their needs and skills, on the curriculum they already started with and on your budget. Contact us for a free first Skype meeting: we offer you an insight on London various educational offer and help you understand the different options you have.

Our school search is a 4 steps process.

  • Defining the scope
    During this Skype meeting, we will understand your children needs, your expectations (continued curriculum, IB program, national or bilingual education…) and confront them with your constraints (budget, commute…). Based on all criteria, we define the scope of your school search.
  • School search and shortlisting
    We search for and select matching schools. We visit all of them and send you a full visit report.
  • Application
    We apply on your behalf to selected schools (in-year application or next school year application) and follow up all applications to ensure you have options to make your final decision from.
  • Selecting your favourite school
    We schedule your private visit to your favourite schools and organize the assessment sessions for your kids (if necessary). You make your final decision.