Area selection, property search, pre-views, lease terms negotiations, check-in inventory: save time and frustration! We coordinate and manage for you the entire relocation process. Including school search and settling in services, you can rely on us for a smooth move-in.
Family home or buy-to-let, yeld or capital gain, whatever you aim, we can advise you to find the right area and the right property to invest in and help you along the buying process.
State Schools or Independent Schools, we search, visit and select for you among London multiple educational offers and find the school matching your children needs. We apply for places and follow the admission process till registration.
Starting a new business in London, searching for additional shops to expand your activities, we search and negotiate for you commercial lease locations on line with your brand image and your customer target.
Start your life in London quietly: skip the mandatory paperwork, stay logged on from first day in your new home. Our settling in package makes your life easier.