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Welcome Home London helps private or corporate clients to find their perfect home when they relocate to London. We define your clear-cut essential criteria, select appropriate boroughs, hunt for, pre-view and negotiate properties for you.

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We coordinate and manage your entire relocation process, from search to inventory check in. School search, settling in services, utilities, you can rely on us for a smooth move-in.
We have access to 100% of properties (including the one that never come onto the open market), we search, preview, short list and negotiate on your behalf.
Area selection, pop up opportunities or long term lease, negotiation and paperwork… with our selected partners, we provide you with the best expertise for your business launch.


After more than 20 years dedicated to improve customer satisfaction for big companies in multi-cultural environments, Stephanie Baroin moved to London: to combine her passion for house hunting and her strong expertise in Customer Relation Management, she founded Welcome Home London. Her dedication to meet her clients expectations, her skills for negotiation and her ability to develop successful long-term relationships with clients and partners are the pillars to secure full customer satisfaction.

Yes, we will coordinate and manage your entire relocation process, including reviewing and negotiating for you the tenancy agreement. We will also attend with you check in inventory and offer our support during 4 weeks after you entered the property.

Most of the relocation agencies will advise you to start with your search 15 days before you plan to move in. Even if we can adapt to a very tight schedule, we advise you to start your relocation project at least 6-8 weeks before your arrival. This will allow us to understand your essential criteria and to advise you for the best solution (area, schools, etc…) depending on your life style and you real needs. We want to find the best suitable place for you, not just to allocate you one vacant tenancy.

Not all properties are advertised on Internet. Furthermore, London is a very specific market where attractive streets border up inadvisable areas. And pictures often don’t reflect the reality. That is why we commit ourselves to preview 100% of the selected properties. Unlike others relocation agents, we will only show you properties that we personally selected and checked before. This will save your time and avoid frustration during your day of visits.

All our projects start with your needs assessment. Based on your life style, your family, your work location and your budget, we will advise you and define 2 to 4 suitable areas, including the school search if necessary. When you will come for your 1-2 days visit, you will be able to discover and select among several custom-made solutions in different boroughs.

Our service is custom-made. We define your own criteria, then search only houses matching all these criteria. We pre-visit for you 100% of the selection, so you don’t waste your time visiting uninteresting properties. We only work for you and decline any commission from Real Estate agencies. So we can access 100% of the market including top range properties and we can negotiate the best deal for you. Free relocation services rely on commission from estate agencies and therefore don’t access all the market and never access best value properties. On top, they only propose a list of available properties they have not previewed. You can waste your time visiting places you don’t even want to consider as a home.


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Move to …FULHAM

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Located between Regent’s Park and Hyde Park, Marylebone offers an exceptional village feeling that attracts number of Eu...
Property Search - Renting
  • 2 weeks of rent + 20% of the yearly price drop negotiated
  • Minimum fees : £1,600
School Search
  • From £800
  • Flat rate
Settling In OR Leave London
  • £500
  • Flat rate
Property Search - Buying
  • Flat fee from £8,000 to £12,000 + 15% of the price drop negotiated if this one exceeds the flat fee.


Our service is fitted to your needs: we only select properties absolutely in line with your pre-defined criteria. No wasted time for you!
We secure your own interest by declining any commission from Real Estate agencies: so we access to 100% of the market including top range properties and we are free to negotiate the best deal for you.
We pre-view each of the properties to save you time and frustration during your own visits.
Our structured processes ensure you the best possible customer experience. No commitment, you only will pay once we found the best property for you.

What Our Clients Feel… And Say?


I bought, sold and rented houses and apartments for myself and others in France and abroad for over more than 20 years. House hunting is my passion. Now settled in London, I dedicate myself to support new comers in London and shepherd them till complete satisfaction”.

Stéphanie Baroin

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